I have always wanted to share my poetry, perhaps out of vanity or perhaps in hoping that others would take some enjoyment or something from what I have written. I hope that the poems ┬ádo not verge too far into pretentiousness but this is perhaps unavoidable given that they have been written by a white male middle-class university student. And whilst I realise that it is unlikely that many will ever read these poems, there is something powerful about sharing them and having them in public for anyone to read. I think the internet has in part allowed for more revolutionary visions of art to come into focus. In a world where anyone can publish anything for free on WordPress we are perhaps a little closer to Julio Garcia Espinosa’s dream of a world where “Art will not disappear into nothingness; it will disappear into everything.” ┬áThis ideal of an art diffused into every aspect of society, liberated from the shackles of oppression, is for me what art should be, what we should aspire towards. It is in this spirit that I hope to share my writing, not because it is more worthy than any other art but because art is meant to be shared.

P.S. I can’t punctuate for shit, please send help

P.P.S. I’m aware this may all sound overly grandiose, but what can you do?